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  Mixtape von Discaholic

Der neue Store für Raritäten

Der Substance Plattenladen startet im Juni gemeinsam mit dem Freejazz Musiker und fanatischem Vinylsammler Mats Gustafsson den Webshop DISCAHOLIC für rares, ausgefallenes schräges Vinyl aus Jazz, Avantgarde und Ethno.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Bright Moments (Atlantic 1973)
Mats Gustafsson says: Important US Saxplayer, died in the late 70s, all KIRK records is worth having. Do u wanna be a Kirk completist ? Just do it! This album is fantastic! And it is getting more and more rare … TOP!!!

Peter Brötzmann / Louis Moholo / Harry Miller – The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat (FMP 1979)
Mats Gustafsson says: The 2nd of the classic Brötzmann Trio … one of THE european freejazz legends together with the south african connection is hitting hard on this amazing piece of vinyl! Absolute TOP NOTCH music!! An absolute MUST HAVE for collectors!!!

Evan Parker & Paul Lytton – At The Unity Theatre (Incus 1975)
Mats Gustafsson says: Mindblowing 2nd LP of the mighyt duo of Lytton (drums) and Parker (saxophone). Highest possible recommendations and an album you NEVER see these days. This IS musical interaction – this IS interaction as it was supposed to be happening! Absolutely essential!!!!

Peter Kowald – Duos: Europa • America • Japan (FMP 1991)
Mats Gustafsson says: CLASSIC!!! A very rare 3 LP set with bassist Peter Kowald – the legend! In a huge numbers of duets – with musicians from Europa, America and USA. All you need for a Blindfold evening with yr friends! Andrew Cyrille, Brötzmann, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker … The list of duo partners are just amazing! Highest possible recommendation! Very rare to find. Made in a very small number. This is the original 1st edition box with the beautifully packaged 3 LPs.

Ornette Coleman – Friends and Neighbors (Flying Dutchman 1970)
Mats Gustafsson says: Live at Prince Street, New York, 1970 – not so well-known but beautiful, atmospheric (friends and neighbors singíng along) album by the legend!

The Thing – Shake (The Thing Records 2015)
Substance says: The wild viking freejazz ensemble of Mats Gustafsson with their newest album. Intense music, full force songs alternate with passionate calm passages – the pieces grow with every listening!

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Mixtape by gesterngirl

gesterngirl alias Rania Moslam ist Veranstalterin (BRUTTO, Viennese Soulfood, SoloTogether), Fotografin und DJ in Wien.

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Mixtape by Electric Indigo

­Electric ­Indigo pendelt als DJ, Komponistin und Musikerin zwischen Wien und Berlin.
[21.05.2018,Electric Indigo]

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